My Philosophy: Purposeful Education

My inspiration for starting this business has been 2-fold:

(1) My unexpected love for teaching, which emerged in college when I was a Biology major, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and what my passions were. Even then, I realized it was more than the act of teaching itself that resonated with me. It was about seeing the confidence that emerged and transformed my students and classmates when they “got” the material. Suddenly, everything seems accessible and tangible, and it was then that I felt a strong responsibility to share the art of education and the purpose behind teaching. I could influence a student’s attitude about school and knowledge in general. In this age, especially in Los Angeles, there is a ubiquitous belief that education is irrelevant in a world of growing entrepreneurs and social media stars. However, I had the tools to change the way youth thought about education by guiding them into gaining new appreciation for knowledge and showing them how it can impact every avenue of their lives. Especially with my uniquely influential clientele, the possibility for change became very clear.

(2) Fulfilling a huge void in the market for private, specialized education. After working with several agencies, schools, and curricula, I had first hand experience about what worked and what didn’t. My goal was to consolidate the successful components of my experience and bring best practices to Novel Education.

Novel Education’s clientele has ranged from middle class, emotionally struggling teens to international families to Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Ireland and Hailey Baldwin and the kids of Dr. Dre. If I’ve successfully changed the way these students perceive the value of learning, then we can change the way our younger generation engages with education on a larger scale.

What Novel Education Group provides is full-service, specialized education that caters to the needs of each individual student so that he/she is inspired to pursue more knowledge and find his/her passion. Students are able to achieve high academic success while being creative and pursuing hobbies and career goals that complement their schooling. Education can be another way of enriching the mind rather than conforming to the traditional structures of a top-down delegated curriculum.

Among all the agencies, we seek to provide something unique and fulfilling by Making Smart Stylish Again.

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Tiffany Sorya's innovative education philosophies include open and flexible teaching methods that underscore students’ hobbies and interests, allowing them to discover their purpose and passions, while still providing an effective and comprehensive educational foundation.

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