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Novel Education Group Mothers Ball

Novel Education Group is an elite homeschooling & academic enrichment agency that provides full-service, flexible, and customized curriculum for students from grades Kindergarten through Twelve.  Novel's founder and CEO, Tiffany Sorya, is a renowned influencer and thought leader in the education industry.

Creating this effective learning environment has been made possible with the combined support of fully accredited online private school, Laurel Springs.

By providing US-Accredited courses anywhere in the world, we allow students to tailor their schooling experience to fit their individual goals: students may enroll in full-time homeschool,  pursue highly specialized interests, and complete enrichment programs with educators dedicated exclusively to your student.

Novel’s global partnership with Command Education, high-end New York based college consultancy, exemplifies The Newest Wave of Education — providing students and families with exclusive and comprehensive services at every stage of the entire educational process. It is designed to give students a competitive edge through flexibility, a focus on EQ, specialized enrichment programs, and full-service college prep.

Together with Laurel Springs and Command, Novel Education Group is spearheading a fundamental change in how we perceive and experience education in our digital age. 

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