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“Kendall and Kylie’s lives transformed when they started with Novel Education Group. They were performing poorly in school due to constantly missing classes as the regular 8am-4pm school day clashed with their budding careers. The girls also weren’t able to fully be creative in the typical school setting, which kept them disinterested. Kendall and Kylie were able to not only choose the courses they wanted to but also create a schedule that fit with their busy lifestyles. Novel Education Group allowed them to both graduate high school and build a successful career at the same time.”

Novel Education Group

"Once you have a fair idea of where you want to go, your first move will be to apply yourself in school. You'll have to. You're a student-whether the idea appeals to you or not. You're in love with knowledge."


Novel Education provides students with comprehensive and flexible programs, customized to allow them to pursue their interests and passions inside and outside of school.  Students learn at their own pace, in their own style, and find purpose in the process. Your child is guaranteed to flourish!